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Aga | 1995 | PH
99% monochrome

April 18th
1:49 am

1:49 AM

My blood is running
a bit unusual tonight.
It’s making my pulse
beat with such an

Perhaps they’re
finding their way
out to get to you.

(You are my
life in the
first place.)

April 17th
10:04 pm

April 17th
8:52 pm

Children of Heartaches

You cannot have poetry or prose without a wound, without a single scar on your body. The heart requires something painful and the brain transforms this to motivation. It is more like a prerequisite to attain a good prose or poem. Without pain, there would be nothing to feel. We could not compare joy to it, to know it. We could not compare anxiety to know it. We are children, beings of hurt. We love pain in the same way we despise it. We seek for love, despite the fact that we know it would always drag pains alongside it. We are all the same, children of heartaches, but we differ in our responses to our hurt.

April 17th
8:40 pm

April 17th
7:38 pm

April 17th
2:07 pm

April 17th
12:13 pm

Lately I’ve been writing about sex. (Pero namatay lahat ng tao sa tribe ko sa Virtual Vaillagers eh. Shet!)

April 17th
1:10 am

April 17th
12:51 am





how does it feel to be wanted?
when you are the one being cared for,
when you are the one being listened to.
maybe it feels good.

it does.
and it feels better to give
the same care, the same attention,
the same love.

but doesn’t it feel worse,
when all of the love and attention
you gave is not even reciprocated?
always one-sided.
always unrequited.

Unrequited love.
It’s like you’re drowning;
constantly sinking and
you won’t fucking die.

April 16th
11:53 pm

April 16th
10:31 pm
introverthom: 39 - Do you have any phobias?
  1. Fireworks
  2. Sea
  3. Thunder
  4. Big dogs
  5. Spiders

April 16th
10:25 pm

23 - What is your biggest regret?

98 - What should you be doing right now?
-Playing online games. haha.